Invest in Farmland in California’s Central Valley

An asset class providing portfolio diversification, favorable tax benefits, and capital appreciation. Contact us to learn more about why farmland is a strong investment vehicle.

We are Central Valley Ag Partners

Our mission is to selectively acquire, develop, and farm almond and pistachio orchards in California that we believe will deliver above-average crop yields and provide attractive returns to our investors.

Almond and pistachio farms have been standouts, averaging annualized returns of 14.8% and 19.4%, respectively, over the past 15 years. Roughly 81% of the world’s almonds and 41% of the world’s pistachios grow in the Central Valley due to its unique combination of soil and weather. Meanwhile, domestic demand and exports are increasing rapidly due to growing global GDP/capita and increasing awareness of the health benefits and alternative uses of tree nuts.

almond and
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Central Valley of CA

Invest in U.S. Farmland

U.S. farmland has outperformed virtually all major asset classes, declining  in value only six times over the past 50 years, while providing diversification benefits and a reliable inflation hedge. 

Excellent Investment

U.S. Farmland has been an excellent investment, outperforming virtually every major asset class.

Positively Correlated to Inflation

U.S. Farmland has been positively correlated to inflation but negatively correlated with most other investments.

Total Returns

Total returns consist of annual cash-flow from crop sales as well as long-term asset appreciation.


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